Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Long Train Running

So I'm not really still stuck in Denver.

It's much less interesting than that. I'm back from my Grand Japan Adventure, I spent a month procrastinating and not wanting to tell you all that it was over, and now I've run clean out of excuses. I'll post the pictures from Korea as soon as I receive them- I'm still waiting on those- but in the meantime:

I'm now enrolled in the University of Michigan School of Law. Took my first classes yesterday, and I've got maybe ten minutes right now to get a blog post off before going back into the books and continuing to slavishly cram legal information into my skull. Law school is hard, and weird, and fun, and very, very different from anything I've done before. Not so interesting to write about, but there you have it. I'll post pictures of this place, too, as soon as I take some- but those of you who are really DYING to see what a law school looks like could just bop over to the official site and poke around.

It's kind of surreal and classy- in a very strange, stepped-back-in-time kind of way. I'm sitting in the lobby right now, tapping away at my laptop, while a classmate practices on the baby grand piano next to me and people out in the quad toss the football around. I keep waiting for them to issue the monocles and brandy snifters, but I don't think that happens until you're a second-year student.