Monday, May 28, 2007

Shipping Out

It's been awhile. I'll fill you in on the necessaries real quick:

1. Law school is incredibly interesting in the doing, but perhaps not so much in the telling. I wake up, I read, I eat, I read, I go to class, I read, I sleep.

2. What is interesting in the telling is the stuff that comes out of law school. The Law School Rock Band, TJ Hooper and the Learned Hands (a lame joke-name from this case) practices every Tuesday. I'll fill you in on concert schedules when we book a gig.

3. My year of school is now officially over- I've survived. Now, finally (in list item three, no less!) I can get to the point: The blog is back online. I've got some interesting adventures planned, and I can no longer keep them under my hat.

In two days, I fly out to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to work for these guys. I'm one of three student interns with this NGO, and I'll be working with the Juvenile Litigation Project. This relates, a little bit, to point 2 above- seems there are a lot of other optimistic rock-star humanitarian types around.

The trip lasts from May 30th to August 15th, and I'll be posting pictures and snippets here periodically to keep everyone updated.

Two days!