Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's not unusual. Not in the least.

Ladies and gentlemen, I not only will keep my promise to post once a week, but I will bring enlightenment.

First, watch this. I know, I know, youtube is a tool of the patriarchy, but watch it.

Second, think of how cool it would be to see him live.

That's tonight. I've once before journeyed to the far off (just up the street) superclassy (8 dollar water!) land of the Cambodiana Hotel to see the one, the only Asian Tom Jones. He plays each night except Tuesday, and I assure you his show is just terrifying enough to be wonderful.

Next Episode: Stories From The Provinces.


Jim said...

Holy Smokes, Andrew! The Asian Tom must be a wonder to behold. I saw the real deal when I was 18 and this experience has stayed with me for the rest of my life! Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Delilah!

liz said...

Hi Andrew. I was a teacher in Birmingham and now my husband and I are going to Ritto for the year. If you are in the area, we would love to trade some beer for some information.
Here is my email if you are interested=